All of our fountains are manufactured especially for use in public spaces, parks, gardens or communal internal spaces. The water is filled and emptied from the water system and kept at the correct level automatically.

In cooperation with applied and fine artists, architects and landscape gardeners, we can ensure that our fountains are always of a high aesthetic standard.

Using the technology we have developed, the investment cost of a fountain is significantly reduced as there is no need to build a separate water closure pool and water equipment shaft, while the design fee can also be avoided. By selecting from the shapes, sizes, finishes and nozzles (i.e. the water picture), countless different combinations can be created so that the fountain is in keeping with your needs and possibilities.

By means of the built-in micro-computer, it is possible to programme the operating sequence of the nozzles and the times they operate; in this way ensuring very dynamic water pictures. The interactive operation and control to music further increase the range of fun the fountain offers, always providing a new experience to passers-by.