About us

Welcome to our company’s website! My name is György Szabados, the director of the company.

We first started to design and produce chimes / carillon in 1991. Since then, we have achieved good results and our renown has grown. This is also proven by the fact that, in addition to Hungary, our chimes can also be found in a lot of countries in the world, with the number of chimes rising from year to year.

In 2003, we introduced a number of new products on to the market, such as the musical fountain, the musical street clock and we continuously expand our portfolio with newer and newer ideas.

According to our philosophy, we would like to combine art with the most up-to-date technology and in this way to create something of lasting beauty.

By co-operating with architects, applied artists, visual artists and musicians, we ensure that our products can also be viewed as stand-alone artistic creations, which provide both a visual and aural experience.

If you find the information placed on our website to be of interest, please get in contact with us. Alternatively, draw the attention of your mayor or town representative to our activities or perhaps mention them to an architect, garden designer, journalist, tourism expert or other acquaintance who might be interested!