The chimes can be operated in three modes:

  1. Automatic mode
  2. Live, concert mode
  3. Interactive mode

Automatic mode: In this mode, it is possible to easily programme the storage of approximately 100-150 pieces of music (with an external memory, there is practically no limit to the number of pieces that can be stored). A particular song can be assigned to each required time and, based on this, it is possible to create daily, weekly or annually repeating programme groups. Old songs can be deleted and new songs added at any time, with the assistance of a keyboard supplied with a MIDI output.

Live, concert mode: By connecting a keyboard, concerts can be staged at any time, either as a solo instrument, or accompanied by other instruments or orchestras.

We have given a number of nice concerts with the assistance of pianist Szilvia Karászy. (Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra, Budapest Saxophone Quartett, Weiner-Saxon Camber Orchestra, St Martin, Brass in the five, Danube Symphonics, Kyokito Japanese drumming group, Army Male Group, Tomkins singing group).

A few of the concerts we have given so far:
Budapest / Folklore Museum, Museum of Applied Arts, Congress Centre, Hotel Marriott, Hotel Intercontinental, Pesti Vigadó, Vígszínház, Functions Room of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Academy of Music, Saint Anna Church, Millennium Centre, Opera House, Palace of Artists
Provinces / Aggtelek stalactite cave, Érd, Zalaegerszeg, Hõgyész, Baja, Nyírbátor, Sümeg, Szolnok
Abroad / USA / New York, Washington DC, Alexandria, Baltimore, Annapolis, Finland / Pyhäsalmi, Germany / Hannover, Japan / Minokamo City, Slovakia / Sturovo, France / Paris

Interactive mode: As well as setting the chimes / musical fountain to sound at certain, pre-programmed times, it is also possible to operate them in an interactive manner as well. The purpose of this is to involve the audience, public in the creation of the programme.

  1. A tune can be played by calling a telephone number. In this case, this is a premium rate call and part of the revenue (in accordance with the agreement with the telephone company) is payable to the owner or operator.
  2. Alongside the chimes, we can set up a large piano keyboard set into the ground. We plan a simplified version of this as a children’s toy, for playgrounds.
  3. The nozzles of the fountains operate in the same way as hopscotch.

These are our ideas, but we would be glad to make your ideas a reality too!