Using our own-developed control system, we have managed to generate a very high operating speed and to produce electronically-controlled DYNAMIC chimes that are unique in the world. Depending on the force with which the key on the keyboard is depressed, the chimes will sound with differing volumes, thus providing a superb musical experience for the listening audience.

The control electronics do not require a separated, heated room as they are placed inside the base or the superstructure of the chimes. As a result, the control electronics can be operated irrespective of the environment, for example, in the middle of a park. The programming of the chimes is carried out using a temporarily connected – at the time of the programming – a palmtop computer.

Following on from our own developed and in many places already successfully used dynamic chimes, we have now created “accompanied” chimes, which, in addition to the natural sound of the bells, also play the musical accompaniment. In this way, the chimes, for example, can also be heard with organ or orchestral accompaniment, which gives a unique musical experience.

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Our chimes can be combined with public square or tower clocks, moving clockworks, fountains, water displays or lighting, which can operate in synchronisation with the music.