– Where can the chimes be fixed, what kind of support structure can they have?
The purpose of the superstructure is to support the bells, as well as to give the chimes an attractive, aesthetically-pleasing appearance. In keeping with this, the superstructure is always produced in accordance with the existing environment. It can either be decorated, an artistic creation in itself or just simple looking, with the building upon which it is placed providing the background. The chimes and type designs produced so far are samples, although we are also glad to bring to life the buyer’s ideas as well.

– If the chimes are placed in the open air, does snow or frost cause any damage to them?
No. The chimes also operate in adverse weather conditions. The electronics do not require a separate, heated room.

– Does the programming require any special know-how?
No. The system is very user-friendly. Available icons and dialogue boxes help in choosing the right command on the PSION controller. In this way, anyone can easily programme or sound the chimes.

– What kind of maintenance do the chimes require?
There is basically no special maintenance needed, possibly sometimes the adjustment of the clapper structures. In most cases, however, this can be carried out electronically, by using the hand controller. Mechanical adjustment is only very rarely performed. Many of our chimes have been operating for 5-8 years now without the need for any maintenance.

– How many bells are needed for chimes?
A minimum of six, although the rule is that the more the better, as each bell is tuned to a particular musical note and thus the more bells there are, the wider the range of musical possibilities there are too.

– What effects the price of the chimes?
The number of bells and their size (or within which octave they are placed), as well as the complexity of the superstructure.

– Why should I choose Szabados chimes instead of others available elsewhere?
As a world first, our chimes make dynamic play possible, either as a concert, or in the case of recorded pieces of music. The musician can have the choice of whether the chimes he is playing should be louder or quieter. As for the optional musical accompaniment possibility, this makes our chimes really quite special. Through the built-in audio units, all types of musical accompaniment can be used to provide a top class musical experience for the listening audience. The exacting aesthetics of the superstructure and the musicality of the chimes are unique, while all of this is accompanied by extremely attractive value for money.