Carillon gallery

Our chimes are primarily intended to decorate streets or squares, thus greatly increasing the significance of a place and its touristic attraction, whilst also serving as a local meeting place. The chimes can raise the peacefully entertaining and relaxing atmosphere of parks or gardens.

Different faiths can place them in their churches or in the church yard. The chimes can be enliven university campuses, music schools, country clubs, golden age homes and exclusive garden restaurants.

Public buildings, such as a town hall, banks or hotels can have their facades decorated with the chimes, although we would also draw attention to the possibilities for their use in the inner atrium-type plazas of shopping centres or in conference and trade fair centres, as well as in the marriage rooms of registry offices.

The chimes can also look particularly good above the shop window of a watchmaker’s, jeweller’s or other shop, perhaps integrated into the trade-sign or placed outside the registered address or site, thus serving goodwill or advertising purposes. It could even be possible to give them as gifts to twin towns or as Lions, Rotary or Kiwani Club donations, as the name of the donor can be clearly marked.